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Saints Triumphant—2018
Last Judgement—2018
Pentecost 23—2018
Pentecost 22—2018
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Pentecost 20—2018
This Is Your Church: Week 6
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Easter 6—2018
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Sunday, April 15 - 2018
Easter 2—2018
Maundy Thursday—2018
Lent 6—2018 (Palm Sunday)
Lent 5—2018
Lent 4—2018
Lent 3—2018
Lent 2—2018
Lent 1—2018
Epiphany 5—2018
Epiphany 4—2018
Epiphany 2—2018
Christmas 1—2017
Christmas Day—2017
Grace Alone: The Ony Way
The Consequences of Priorities
Embrace Your Callings
All Of Us Priests
Freedom Is The New Slavery
Faith Alone: What Does This Mean?
Keeping Your Nose In The Right Place
Jesus, It's Too Much!
All The Difference In The World
Living Sacrifices
Let's Praise Him
A Church For Dogs
When You're In The Cave...Listen For Whispers
The Potential To Provide
A Weaving God
Sowing With Wild Abandon
A Page In Paul's Diary
The Consequences of Love
God's Great Exchange
A Ministry Of Mercy
I'm Justified!
Go With God's Mission
The Spirit Is Yours!
He Lives! To Give You Eager Expectation of Glory
He Lives! To Call You To Live For Him
He Lives! To Be The One Way To Heaven
He Lives! To Be My Good Shepherd
He Lives! To Restore My Hope
He Lives! To Give Me Proof & Peace
Repent: Turn To Jesus...For Resurrection and Life
Repent: Turn to Jesus...He and He Alone Finished Your Salvation
Repent: Turn To Jesus...and Receive a Special Assurance of Your Forgiveness
Total Opposites—Jesus Became His...So We'd Become Ours
No More Dry Bones
What Do You Want?
Gifts Illuminate The Giver
Faith Follows...It Follows A Promise — It Follows the Lord's Lead
Look At What He Did!
Repent: Turn To Jesus and Not To Yourself
Which Mountain Would You Choose?
The Savior's Sermon...Your Father's Son
The Savior's Sermon...It's A Heart Condition
The Savior's Sermon...Be Who You Are
The Savior's Sermon...Turning The World Upside-Down
Follow The Light
Fit For Office
Light The Way
The Christmas Light
Jesus Is Coming...So Don't Be Afraid
Family Preparations For Christmas—Faith Reveals Itself In Praise
Jesus Is Coming...So Expect Him
Family Preparations For Christmas—Don't Doubt God's Power
Jesus Is Coming...So Make Preparations
Family Preparations for Christmas—Prayer Is Answered: son & SON
No Need To Worry
King Supreme
Going Home—You Know What To Expect
The Judge Is Just
Reliable Truth
The Seeker
Giving God A Black Eye
Finding The Silver Lining
When The World Is Falling Apart, We Live By Faith
Good Things Are Coming
Friends For Eternity: A Financial Gameplan From God
Learn To Love The Lost
What Can You Afford?
A Ladder that Only Goes Down
So Many, But So Few
There's A Fire Burning
"X" Marks The Spot
Just On Loan
Bold But Humble In Prayer
Jesus' To-Do List...Or Mine?
Wrong Question...But The Right Answer
Your Share In The Harvest
A Man of the Cross
When Life & Death Collide
The LORD Blesses Us...With Protection - Grace - & Peace
The Spirit Is Yours!
Keep Your Head Up...Jesus Is Coming Soon
Keep Your Head Up...You Are Christ's Bride
Keep Your Head Up...You Have A New Home
Keep Your Head Up...The Lamb Is Your Shepherd
Keep Your Head Up...So You're Ready To Sing
Keep Your Head Up...Death's Enemy Is On Your Side
Ironies of the Passion...Why Do You Look for the Living Among the Dead?